3 Ways to Create Space for You & Your Self Care

Self care is not optional. It is a necessity.

The other day while having my morning cup of coffee and working out with my kids’ favorite YouTubers playing in the background, it came to me how much I had put them first. Becoming a mother is life-changing, in many ways I did not expect. Creating so much time and space for them literally left me chasing it for my own self.

I no longer went on runs, worked out, did my makeup, nor wore cute clothes just because they made feel good. I had given up almost every aspect of me for the sake of my kids. It wasn’t until recently that I looked over my goals, my values, and the person I wanted to become.




Analyzing who I was becoming played a major role in this shift. I wanted to be the best mother I could be. I knew that wouldn’t be possible if I didn’t find joy in who I was. You typically could find me wearing the most comfortable outfit (even if it had bleach stains and maybe even holes), or thinking I was ok cleaning the house while they were sleeping. I wanted to create time and space for me.

Here are a few tips on how to Create a Self Care Routine for You

  1. Map out the things you want to do, not for anyone else, but for you!
    • Make a meal only you love and endulge yourself
    • Take a bubble bath while the kids are sleeping or at school
    • Get out of the house and actually go and get your nails done
  2. Take you PTO or a day off if your an entrepreneur and rest
    • You’ve earned it
    • Rest is not a reward, it is necessary (who can pour from an empty cup?)
    • The household chores can wait
  3. Make a weekly and monthly routine of it.
    • “This is my time that I get just for me.” Repeast this to yourself as much as you may need.

Now that you’ve created the time and space for your own self care here are a few ways you can enjoy your time.

  • Wear clothes that make you feel like a million bucks
  • What is something you absolutely loved to do prior to marriage or having kids, whatever it may be, do it!
    • Running
    • Getting a mani and pedi
    • Reading in silence
    • Visiting coffee shops
    • Looking through furniture stores
  • Do something creative
    • Craft something you’ve been wating to make for your own enjoyment (wreaths)
    • Dance
    • Plan a huge Self Care trip for your birthday
    • Make yourself a body butter and play with fragrences

Here, I talk about how I have created space to pour into my own cup. I truly hope these lists help you find a way to create space for you. I’d love to know what things you enjoy doing in the time you make for yourself.



West Chester, Ohio