You’re Physically Driven

The party doesn’t start til you walk in! You are absolutely magnetic, dancing around the room striking up conversations with literally everyone, leaving them to think of you when the night is over. People are mesmerized by your free spirit, full of wit and charisma, as you make them laugh and are up to date with popular music and know all of the celebrity news. Not only that, you have jokes for days. You love to try new things, even if no one you know has. Your perfect dream date would be something that would give you an adrenaline rush such as zip-lining or as chill and thrilling as scuba diving.

Negatives: You can have a few hiccups when it comes to commitments due to wanting to be free to do as you please. And because of your free spirit, you can seem to be irresponsible and indecisive as you can see the good in all choices that are to be made.

“It is our concern over what others say, do, and think about us that impressions our mind, body, and spirit.” - Iyana Vanzant

If you have been yearning to unlock your confidence and ignite your sensuality try a few of these things:

  1. Grounding, walking on Earth barefoot or barehand gardening
  2. Massage
  3. Dance, turn on the tunes and get to groovin’

To get started on tapping into your sensuality, tune into The Seduce Myself Playlist I created to ground myself and embody my full feminine essence.

Hey there, Gorgeous! I’m Toria Germain. I am on a mission to create a limitless space for women to embody their femininity, honor their desires, and chase after their wildest dreams. No matter the obstacle, women need to celebrate who they are and rediscover their self worth, because they are incredible.


I provide women with a high-end, luxurious, and personalized boudoir experience so that they are reminded of how phenomenal they are. By creating a safe space to shed societal standards, women have the ability to freely express themselves, step into their power, and unleash their inner goddess. This not only allows them to show up for themselves, but show up at their best for the ones they love.


As a Sagittarius Projector, she always sees the bigger picture and her gift is helping others free space to live the life they deserve and one that they love. She believes in the power of manifestation, crystals, astrology, magic, and the metaphysical. She devotes time to self care (self care is a must), running (her form of meditation), and spending time with her beautiful family.

If you have been feeling a bit out of sorts when it comes to honing in on your sensuality and leaving space for your own self love and pleasure, it’s time to create time in your day just for you. While being the life of the party can be fun, life can be so much more expansive when you’re cup if overflowing with love and life by being tapped into each sensual body. Check out Savory Sensuality by joining the VIP Lounge here to learn more.


Cincinnati, Ohio