Connecting to Your Feminine Body and Unleashing Delicious Sensual Energy

There is much to be explored in boudoir photography before stepping foot in front of the camera. Connecting to your feminine body and unleashing delicious sensual energy in your life is vital. When we can tune into the subtleties of what makes us feel alive, orgasmic, and juicy, it becomes easier to let this overflow into all aspects of our being. For many women, connecting to their feminine body starts with experiencing pleasure and orgasms through self-pleasuring. In this article, we’ll explore how orgasms support a woman in relating to her feminine body and allowing that incredible feeling to move throughout her life and show up in her boudoir photoshoot!

Connecting to Your Feminine Body

So, what does connecting with your feminine body mean? Femininity is a topic that I love to chat about because it is how I live and source goodness in my life. I know for some women, the subject is taboo. For others, curiosity surges through your bodies to learn more. Connecting with yourself allows you to feel everything deeply and powerfully while releasing the need to control or temper your pleasure. The most fulfilling way to do this is through intentional daily self-pleasuring. So, I said it Lovely: The Big O.

The BIG O: Connecting to Your Feminine Body and Orgasms

The most beautiful gift we have as humans is the ability to explore our bodies for more than procreation but for pleasure. When you allow your body to let go through an orgasm, your body releases oxytocin, also known as the “cuddle hormone” or the “love hormone.” Oxytocin is associated with feeling bonded and connected to others. Orgasms can also help reduce stress and anxiety.

Climaxing through self-pleasure or love-making increases trust in yourself and others. Likewise, connecting with your feminine body yields confidence and rootedness to show up fully, embracing every part of yourself without apology.

Connection to pleasure creates space to receive and move freely and sensually. We see fewer flaws in others, thus; fewer flaws in ourselves. Connecting with your feminine body allows for a slower pace in your life. I call this programming yourself for pleasure.

Boudoir and Confidence

Is it steamy in here, or is it me? So, now that you know how gifting yourself orgasms serve everyone in your life let’s talk about your boudoir session. Boudoir and confidence go hand in hand. Feeling yummy in your everyday life means connecting to your feminine body quickly on session day. Daily self-pleasuring leaves an imprint on the spots that light you up and make you feel alive. Is it your thighs, neck, earlobes, or throat? Does rubbing oil on your hands or breasts spark joy and presence in your body?

Beautiful, knowing, and connecting with your feminine body are essential to creating magic in boudoir photography. Yes, the photographer is there, but YOU are what brings the images to life. Learning how to connect with yourself genuinely is what will carry over into the days, weeks, months, and years after your session. Nothing is more decadent than witnessing the glow and radiance of sensual energy you’ve created through choosing yourself.

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