F the Funk by Feeling Fabulous

Not everyday will be glamorous, filled with joy, or easy. Some days are gloomy, trying, and downright hard. Regardless of how many aspects of life you can find gratitude for, some days it’s more difficult than others. These are the days I “Fight the Funk”.

Here are a few tips to increase your mood and get back to “you”!

  1. Put on some uplifting music
    There is nothing like music. It has been used as a fork of therapy for decades, but so many people forget how spiritually stimulating a good tune and funky beat can be.
  2. Throw yourself a fashion show
    Put on clothes you haven’t tried in a while. Go in your closet and in your drawers and try on different combinations that have seemed intimidating. Have fun with it!
  3. Create
    Get crafty and create something, anything. If nothing comes to mind, or you just don’t think it’ll help, create a vision board. Visually creating what you want in life and your future is uplifting all within itself.
  4. Photoshoot
    Get dolled up, play your favorite jams, and take some selfies, do an Ignite Virtual Session, or set up an in-person photo shoot!
  5. Journal
    Writing down your mood and how your day has unraveled is a form of release. Feel the emotions and let the go!



West Chester, Ohio