FAQ: How do you incorporate self-care into your daily life?

I make sure that I fill my cup throughout the day by doing things I love. I typically start my day with journaling, fasted cardio, making myself and the kids breakfast, and doing my makeup.

If I’m in a mood, I twerk! There really is something to be said about dancing, twerking in general. It has been my go-to when I need to get my sacral energy into alignmnet.

I find creative and artistic release to be essential to my own mental and spiritual health, so I make sure I am creative throughout the day. I sing and makeup catchy songs that get my children excited. I make delcious meals to nourish us. I get excited about crafts and decorating the home.

Purging my home of things that no longer bring me joy, actually does bring me joy. Cleaning and releasing is essential for my happiness, especially since being a stay at home mom and entrepreneur.

It has taken some time for me to realize how necessary self care is for my own health, mentally, physically, spiritually. I pour into myself all day long, and this allows me to fully and consistently give from my overflow to those I love.



West Chester, Ohio