Having a Small Business During Social Distancing

In the recent world news, coronavirus, offically known as COVID-19, has taken over. Schools have shut down, malls and parks are closed, and almost every store seems to keep running out of toilet paper! Any business that is considered non-essential has been asked to close down in the state of Ohio as well as many other states here in the United States. This has left small businesses is a bad position, with many having to close due to the lack of income. Others are trying to find a way to pay not only their business expenses, such as insurance, but also get some footing on their home finances. These time are truly trying for small businesses, especially those who thrive on social interaction and the client experiences they provide.

With National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day coming this Sunday, March 29, 2020, I have put together a few ways you can celebrate and support a small business during this major pandemic.

  1. Purchase Gift Cards
    • If your favorite small businesses are still present and have plans to reopen once everything settles down, purchase a gift card. This can be a gift to you to use at a later date or for someone you think would love their products or services. It’s an easy way to support a small business and help them during these times. Toria Germain Photography currently has all gifts cards 10% off until May 5th, 2020 with the code: HEALTHY2020. Visit Gifts for more information.
  2. Write a raving review
    • If you’ve experienced a particular shop’s services or purchased one of their products, write a review! Like most of the United States, you’re probably self-quarantining. You now have the time to do the small and large scale things you’ve always wanted. Take the time to think of all the small business who made you smile!
  3. Purchase their products online
    • Have something you’ve been wanting to purchase but felt like it could wait? Well, there’s no time like now! Seriously! With all that is going on in the world, your purchase from a small business could honestly become their next meal. If you are able, make that purchase and share the good-will by purchasing (early) gifts for your loved ones as well.
  4. Boost their social media accounts
    • Many small businesses thrive on social media engagement and having people simple “like” their pages. With more likes and followers, these businesses get more perks to be able to create more revenue and continue to fund and provide the best services for their clients. This also can allow them to spend more quality time with those they love! While having some followers is amazing, oftentimes the perks don’t come until you hit at least 1000 followers. So, give it your best shot and send an invite to your friends to like your favorite small business. You can also boost their accounts by simply engaging with them by liking and commenting on their posts! This makes it easier for them to be found in that particular social media’s search engine.
      • To send invites to friends on Facebook: (1) Scroll across the top of my page, (2) Go to ‘COMMUNITY’, (3) Click ‘INVITE FRIENDS’ (this may be available by clicking the three horizontal dots if you are on a laptop or desktop), (4) Click ‘ALL’, (5) Waita few seconds for the invitations to send.
  5. Support One Another
    • If you are a small business and need services from another small business, reach out to them, you may be able to make an agreement to help one another! Need photos? Reach out to a photographer and hire them to provide professional photographs of the product you sell. Find mutual ground where you can help each other.



West Chester, Ohio