It’s Not Just About Sex

During a conversation with a friend the other day, she mentioned how she could never do a boudoir session because she is the “complete opposite of sexy”. I stopped in my tracks and remembered what I thought of this genre of photography before marriage and before having children. So many people honestly think it was all about sex and the appeal of sex, even I did. It wasn’t until 2018 that I completed my first boudoir photo session and fell head over heels.

It can be intimidating to remove clothing or have the expectation that you have to do so, just to have a boudoir session. Many women even say they are “too chubby” for boudoir. I say there is no such thing! It’s so much more than what you wear or how you look. With or without clothing, boudoir is stripping down emotionally to your core. It is tearing down walls that have been built around social beauty standards. It is simply realizing that you are wonderful just as you are and not asking for permission to be the bad ass you were born to be.


West Chester, Ohio