3 Reasons Mens Button-Up Shirts Are Not Recommended for Boudoir Photography

Many women want to have a boudoir session for themselves, but even more, women want to surprise their significant other with the photos from their shoot. As lovely as the idea may be, I do not recommend women actually wear their husband’s white button-up shirts. If you want to include something your husband may recognize, you definitely need to see the list of items I do recommend. But first, let’s get into why I say “NO” to your husband’s shirt.

  1. Most men’s shirts are stiff and body which leaves little room for it drap elegantly around your curves. This can leave you with a less than desired fit and look while wearing and posing in his shirt.
  2. Many of us have husbands that are a lot larger than us. Their shirt will literally consume our bodies and leave us looking as if we are wearing a sheet rather than a shirt.
  3. The collar usually has stiffness in it which won’t be very flattering when drapping it across your shoulder, waist, or buttock. It’s just a “no”

One way you can successfully utilize his shirt during your shoot is to sit on the edge of a bed with it between your legs as you clutch the collar to your chest with one hand. There are a few other ways to make it work, but the vision you may have can be easily accomplished with this soft white button-up shirt that I absolutely adore. It comes from Amazon, and if you have Prime, will come in 2 days at most.

Now, if you’re open to it there are an infinite amount of ways that you can incorporate your man into your boudoir session, but here’s a few:

  1. Use one of his neckties as handcuffs in you’re feeling frisky or to drap across your buttock for some sass
  2. Bring his favorite team’s jersey for some playful fun
  3. Wear parts of his work uniform if you’d like

Need more boudoir lingerie ideas? Take a peek at a few things that we have in the client closet! Check them out here.



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