The Ignite Prep-Guide

Should I arrive 15 mins early like I do for the Doctor??

No, please don't. I often hold several back to back appointments during the day so I will not be able to let you in early or answer your calls or texts. But, I promise to be ready for you promptly at your scheduled appointment time!

How should I prepare?

My best advice to you, is to STRETCH, hydrate, and moisturize. Boudoir Sessions are equivalent to yoga class. The more bendy you are, the easier this will be. Drinking lots of water helps make you more flexible too, and it's going to reduce bloating and clear up your skin.

Get a zit or a bruise?

Don't worry, that's why we use Photoshop! Moisturize your skin to keep it looking fresh and luminous.


If you arrive with a spray tan your session is immediately CANCELLED with no refunds or reschedules. We do not mess around with this policy because even the best spray tans could stain our very expensive furniture or client wardrobe, and they simply do not photograph well. We do not advocate for tanning beds
because they cause redness and blotchiness of skin, and additional retouching of your skin because of tanning beds will be charged a $125 fee per corrected image.

What about grooming?

If you need to get your hair touched up, your nails done, or have any hair removal services are done, make sure you do it a few days prior to your session so everything has time to "settle" and you have a little wiggle room should things need to be fixed. I don't recommend trying new hairstyles or colors, getting new piercings or tattoos immediately before your session.

How should I dress the morning of?

Please arrive in loose fitting clothing that will not leave impressions on your skin. Avoid jeans, socks, underwire bras. Feel free to wear Pj's, sweats, yoga pants, or leggings. Don't feel like you need to dress up for us! Most likely everyone here will be in leggings too :)

Our Address

The studio is located at:


7718 Cedar Falls Lane

West Chester, Ohio 45069


Park in the driveway in the spot closest to the door. That way bringing in any items you may have will be a breeze.

When will I see my pictures?

You will be scheduled to have your reveal following your boudoir session to have same day viewing. If this is not a possibility for you, let me know so we can make alternate arrangements. Clients who cannot return to the studio within the 14 day guideline will have their images deletedand they will no longer be available for purchase. If you feel this will be an issue for you, please make arrangements with us as soon as possible.

How does the Ordering Appointment work?

Your Reveal and Ordering Appointment is your time to view all of your gorgeousness and decide which images you will be purchasing! We go through them one at a time. They are "rough drafts", so they haven't been edited. All of the professional retouching is done on your images after we select which ones you are purchasing. There are a variety of different print and digital options, and with your payment in full you will receive the prints and products in 8-12 weeks. Products can either be shipped to you or you can pick them up at the studio. Please let us know at the Ordering Appointment if you'd like them shipped!

There is no option to have an online gallery or a second Ordering Appointment.
All sales are final. Once the Ordering Appointment is completed, no further changes can be
made to your order. This is studio policy for all clients and no exceptions will be made. You may
not change, alter, add, reduce, or request any other types of changes after the Ordering

Pre-Session Payment Plans

It has become increasingly popular to purchase a collection prior to your session by either
paying in full or setting up a payment plan. By pre-purchasing a collection, it allows us to plan
your session with specific products in mind, and we reward you with Bonuses valued at up to

We do not offer payment plans after your session.

Get Excited!

I am so excited to see you and give you this amazing experience.
If there is anything that you need to know that is not in this guide, on my website at, or any other material I have provided you with, please don't hesitate to
contact me and I will be happy to provide you with the answers you are looking for!