Stepping Into Your Greatness: The Center of the Season

The holiday season has arrived, Darling. From pumpkins to apple cider to snow, there is nothing like basking in music, joy, family, and friendships. Yet, many women are pacing their kitchens, thinking, ” How will I get it all done before company arrives?” So, let me tell you, beautiful, I am about service. Yet above all, I believe in how powerful it is to step into your greatness by centering you for the holiday season, especially before the ball drops. So, I will share my top-tier tips on creating delicious space for the holiday season so you can serve the ones you love with you at the center of celebration!

Stepping into Your Greatness: Setting the Tone

Setting the tone will be your saving grace; Lovely! Stepping into your greatness in this season will set the stage for entering the New Year. So, decide before shopping for a single bag of flour or worrying about where everyone will hang their coats. Instead, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do I need to be fully supported?


  • Outfits: Here, you will want to explore your closet and pick out at least two outfits that make you feel beautiful but provide you with ample comfort as you move through the day. 
  • Undergarments: Be sure your undergarments fit and hold you but don’t dig into your back or shoulders. You want to feel spacious and free-flowing as you greet family, cook at the stove and walk about. 
  • Footwear: Cooking holiday dinner requires a lot of time on your feet. Stepping into your greatness means being sure your feet feel incredible in a pair of soft house shoes or cushioned flats. Pro-tip: grab yourself a foot massage machine. Place it off to the side with your favorite chair. Anytime you are seated, chopping veggies or bagging items, allow your feet some love.

Hair & Makeup

  • Choose a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful but doesn’t require much catering to after it is done. If you plan to wear makeup, indulge in matte lipstick and transfer-proof setting spray. Place aside the most sensual scent you’d like to wear. 

Steps to Greatness for Rest & Nourishment 

  • Your Favorites: Have your favorite water, champagne, and treats on hand, even more so if you focus on your physique. Have your stash of yummies that will allow you to stay on track while you prepare for the festivities.
  • Who will need to be aware of your desires?
    • Now, precious I know you are a master at getting tasks complete. Yet, stepping into your greatness today means informing those you love so they can understand what you need and how they can fit into those desires. The clearer you are, ” Cousin Stacey, it would be perfect if you set the timer at X time so I’ll know when to move on to X task. ” Beloved, can you pick up Aunty X at 7:00 am Monday morning? Perfect, I’ll text you the info now.” The better supported you’ll feel.
    • Additionally, another way to assure your tasks will be accomplished with ease is to set aside time 2-3 days before the holiday to schedule all tasks that will need to be done on that day. This way you are able to visually see what will need to be completed and stay on track.
  • Where will you need to go to purchase/gather what you need?
    • Create a unique space close by that will provide access to all the things you need without running upstairs or into another room. Beautiful stepping into your greatness means setting the stage for you to be at your best. There is no shame in creating an intentional space for your comfort and well-being.
  • How will those items be displayed?
    • Decide what you will hold your must-have snacks, drinks or sweets in and where you will sit. Every queen has her thrown. Resting throughout the preparation can keep you going and leave you in the best mood once everyone arrives.
  • When will all of this be complete?
    • You will want this to be done 3-5 days before you must host. The sooner, the better to ensure you can focus on all the other essential tasks necessary for the holiday.

Stepping into Your Greatness: Fulfillment & Balance

Now that you have set the tone for yourself as the center of the holiday festivities, it is time to write your recalibration statement, prayer, or reminder.

Knowing what you will say to yourself in challenging moments, setting a sweet chime on your phone, or carving moments aside where you will excuse yourself for brief rest. Some parts of the holidays require more of us. Stepping into your greatness means allowing yourself to breathe through triggers and float through challenges because you placed yourself first.

Celebrating Your Success

There is nothing like a queen stepping into her greatness by setting the tone, maintaining balance, and forging space for her celebration. One way you can achieve this is by booking a boudoir session for the beginning of the new year. What better way to celebrate than planning an all-inclusive package that says well done and welcome into this new chapter?


The holidays are all about family, friends, and festivities. Yet, it is also all about you and how you show up now, which will set the tone for the new year. Stepping into your greatness at this moment is all you need. So, book your New Year session, Lovely, and enter how you wish to celebrate this coming year.


West Chester, Ohio