Toria creates a whole experience during her photo sessions. She makes you feel special. - J.

The Ignite Experience Roadmap

Ignite Boudoir was created for the classic woman who desires to celebrate herself just as she is.

1. Let's Talk Details

Ignite Boudoir by Toria G. is ready to help you create the luxury session of your dreams. Come closer and book a chat so we can discuss all the fiery details! Schedule yours today!


2. Consultation in Style

Lovely, this isn't your average consultation! Here we gather and iron out all the juicy aspects that make you come alive. We curate a mood board specifying what vibe would be perfect for our session together—from hair and makeup to exploring our fully stocked Lingerie Closet. You'll be in terrific hands from start to finish.


3. Glam it Up!

You will be pampered and cared for in the most luxurious of ways, with every detail considered. We'll provide light refreshments, tunes that lighten the mood, and hands-on guidance with poses that speak to you specifically!


4. The Jaw-Drop Effect

We invite you to view your breathtaking images after we wrap up our session. In two weeks, I'll present you with fully edited, high-resolution images, and within eight weeks, your prints will be packaged and prepared for you to display. This isn't just curating "pretty" images Beautiful; this is artistry at its finest, understanding the desires of our clients and focusing on every detail in making each moment of the Ignite Experience count.


5. Delivery

I will personally deliver your printed products and wall art to you!


After your bespoke session, you will find yourself covered in the glory that only arises from self-acceptance, feeling more confident than ever before and ready to embrace your body, unleash your confidence and fan the flame within.

All The Possibilities

You may be wondering, "what will I do with my pictures?" or even, "where will I put them."


The options are endless. From custom albums imported from Portugal to acrylic enlargements, you can have everything you desire.

One of the best ways to relive your session is with wall art that can be hung throughout your home.

Are you ready to book your Ignite Boudoir Photo Session?

Love Notes

What are thr ladies saying about the Ignite by Toria G. Boudoir Experience?

My TGP Ignite experience was epic... I am a mother of 5 and a wife and sometimes I forget about myself and how beautiful I am. During my session, I felt like it was all about me and I felt sooo good. Everything came together perfectly I felt like I was dreaming. I’ll never forget this experience.

From the moment I spoke with Toria to the day of the shoot it was an easy process. She is very attentive and makes you feel at home. Her team is very professional and the studio was beautiful. I have never done boudoir before and after this shoot I felt like I was a professional! The pictures were stunning and she pays attention to each detail. It was so different yet so fun! I highly suggest everyone experience this! I'm in love with my pictures!!

Toria creates a whole experience during her photo sessions. She makes you feel special and pampered and takes time to treat you to little things I’ve never had as part of a photo session. I was worried specifically about posing but Toria guided me through it and the pictures turned out amazing!

Get ready to sparkle like never before!

Hey There, Gorgeous!

I'm Toria

I am a wife and home-schooling moms who knows the value of true self-care and deep self-love.


I am on a mission to create a limitless space for women to embody their femininity, honor their desires, and chase after their wildest dreams. No matter the obstacle, women need to celebrate who they are and rediscover their self worth, because they are incredible.

As a boudoir photographer, I have watched a number of women 20 - 55+ years of age embrace their bodies, disrobe from societal standards, and step into their divine feminine power.


I provide women with a high-end, luxurious, and personalized boudoir experience so that they are reminded of how phenomenal they are. By creating a safe space to shed societal standards, women have the ability to freely express themselves, step into their power, and unleash their inner goddess.


I tend to always see the bigger picture and my gift is helping others free space to live the life they deserve and one that they love. I believe in the power of finding yourself and then choosing her every single day.



West Chester, Ohio