The Potency of the Pose: Why One Size Does Not Fit All

Boudoir posing is one of the most potent and empowering forms of photography for women. An art form that enables her to immerse in the depths of her most authentic expression. When done well, an elegant boudoir photography shoot can truly capture a woman’s beauty and confidence like nothing else.
However, many photographers still treat boudoir posing as a one-size-fits-all approach, failing to consider a woman’s individuated body and personality. In this blog post, I’ll discuss why you should tailor boudoir posing to the individual woman and why the potency of the pose makes all the difference in creating powerful images.

Woman sitting at piano while leaning back on it as she wears lingerie and looks into the camera lovingly and the chandelier reflects light in front of her.

Similar Does Not Mean Same

One prominent mistake photographers make with boudoir posing is assuming that all women desire to look the same. As a result, they’ll often recycle a handful of poses for every client, regardless of body type, personality, or wishes. Boudoir should not be mistaken for cosplay.
When a photographer uses a cookie-cutter approach, it creates a false persona that fails to capture each woman’s unique beauty. In addition, copying and pasting a pose can make a client feel uncomfortable and self-conscious. At best, a client will feel like the session went “pretty well.”
At worst, they will receive images that not only highlight their less favorable areas but diminish an experience meant to bring forth their true essence. So, instead of promoting all women to fit within the same mold, we must be open to tailoring our posing for an expansive experience.

Deepening Her Connection

The purpose of every boudoir session should be to assist each woman with deepening her connection with her body, brilliance, range, and authenticity. The correct pose paired with the proper aesthetics curates an experience of true knowing and embodiment. This type of focus on detail moves beyond capturing a “pretty” photo but instead a captivating and eye-catching masterpiece.

Focused Study

Boudoir photography is a focused study. It requires eminent precision and devoted attention to detail. There is an unspoken otherworldly connection between the art of posing a client and their ability to reach a heightened state of embodiment and engagement during their session. I offer consultations allowing space and time to study my clients’ bodies and faces. A consultation with me looks like this:

  • Asking potent questions that give me insight into my client’s deepest desires.
  • Choosing and accessing lingerie pieces enhances a client’s attributes and complements less favorable areas.
  • Diving into why hair and makeup matter and how proper application support the bigger picture.
  • Lastly, providing and practicing poses specific to the client that solely fit her needs.

Having a blueprint creates the difference between posing a woman with a fuller figure that would look best in poses that accentuate her curves. In contrast, a woman with a long and lean frame might benefit from angular or vigorous poses.

By studying our clients, we can ensure that we’re always using poses that bring depth and breadth to every session without running the risk of diluting a life-changing and transformative experience.


Ultimately, the key to successful boudoir posing is understanding that one size does not fit all. Each woman is unique, and we should tailor our posing to bring out her beauty. When focusing on the potency of the pose, you can create stunning and empowering images that your clients will love with just a little experimentation. 

Do you have any tips for how to pose clients for boudoir sessions? Please share them in the comments below! And if you’re looking for an elegant boudoir experience, check out my website. I offer all-inclusive hair and makeup services so that you can feel your absolute best on shoot day. Thanks for reading!


West Chester, Ohio