Client Wardrobe

Diamond Fishnet Dress (Large)

Mauve Tulle Robe (One Size)

Lace Dress (Large)

Diamond Fishnet BodySuit (One-Size)

Cream Tulle Bolero (One Size)

Black Faux Fur (One Size)

Mauve/Pink Fur Jacket (Medium)

Gold Harness

Black Bra and Panty Set w/ Garter (Small/Medium)

White Button Down (Large)

Rose Gold Sequin Gown (Large)

Sheer Nude Gown (Medium)

Gold Bikini Swimwear (Large)

Gold Chain Set (Medium-Large)

Black Bodysuit Teddy (Large & 1XLove)

Brown Sweater (Large)

Hat (Standard)

Teal Diamond Cut Teddy (Large)

Red Diamond Cut Sheer Teddy (Large)

Black Teddy (2-3XLove)

Teal Teddy (Small)

Black Choker Bra-less teddy (XS-Small)

Pink Floral Sheer Teddy (Medium & Large) with Pink Skirt Coverup (Medium - Large)

Black Caged Bra Bodysuit (Large)

Red Sheer Bra & Panty Set (Large) with Red Robe (Large)

Not (Yet) Pictured

Green Long Sleeve Teddy

Pearl Robe

Maroon and Black Corset with Garters (L)

Beige Maternity Bodysuit

Sheer robes (Black Large)

Gold Gown


Cincinnati, Ohio