Why Me? Why Now? Why Boudoir?

I have been thinking a lot about my way and my approach to boudoir. As time has passed by, I have to come to the realization that I began boudoir when I needed a to feel like myself again.

I begun my professional photography business in 2018, a month short of my son’s first birthday, as a means to do something just for me. About 4 months after starting my business, I ran a model call and completed my first boudoir photo session. I fell head over heels! One of the women I worked with was newly postpartum and had body insecuries due to new stretch marks and a few other things that only come with childbearing.

While working with her, I assured her that she was fine, even as a new model, a new mom, with a photographer that was new to boudoir, she was indeed in good hands. I watched her transform from allowing her insecuries take over to a woman in power, rocking her new body and enjoying who she was in that very moment.

So, who am I and why me? I’m Toria Germain, a wife, a mother, a woman who has lost herself in all things, while trying to be everything for everyone that I no longer could be me for me. I strongly believe in pouring into your own cup and giving only from your overflow. I also believe that women should shed whatever social norms they are handed that they don’t see themselves wanting to fit into, regardless of their roles or responsiblities.

I am a wife who shamelessly loves her husband. I am a mother who makes waffles for dinner while twerking. I am a friend who will tell you the truth. And, I am a woman who believes in the power of giving women the time and space to be exactly who they want to be, no strings attached.

I invite you to your personalized IGNITE boudoir session, where you will undergo a transformative experience to self discovery and self love. Book your session today.



West Chester, Ohio